About Lahore Social
Lahore has its own social community with the name of "lahoresocial", people of Lahore can communicate, share the ideas, feeds and much more using a single platform.

Technology has been strengthened the society that equivalent to magic. It has become and likely to flambeau that social media increased the strength of technology. Lahore Social Community Version, the world's first organizational community version based social media that connecting the organization socially through technology because we believe “Technology for the human development”.

Lahore Social Community Version is represented by Lahore Social Media Network Community Version media that paying its responsibility to enhance the value of Socio-Technology within the organization. This social media community version has changed the already adopted patterns from other Social Media and an advance condition of technology which has summarized the whole world as a global village.

We are providing a community version platform into the organization to express yourself, to communicate with friends, colleagues and others as like sharing, status updates, photos, videos and stories on Lahore Social Community Version community version that you use, sending messages to a friend or colleague, or adding content to your profile.